Dear BPCWAians, I would like to give you all an update on a work BPCWA has chosen to support after prayerful consideration by the Session. This is the Literature Ministry work of First Bible-Presbyterian Church in Myanmar. The aim is to provide sound Christian literature in the Chin language, thus building up believers in our most holy Faith. Compromise and false movements spares no country. This is hence a critical work to increase awareness of false teachings, defend the Scriptures, while stirring believers to love and serve the Lord. The approach is to produce, print, and distribute Christian materials in Myanmar and beyond. BPCWA supports this work through Bethel BPC (Melbourne). We have recently contributed to the purchase of a photo stating machine and will support fixed ongoing monthly running costs. The following are some edited excerpts from Rev Biak’s report.

Yours in our Lord’s service Pastor

Preparations and Planned Publications. The first book planned to be published is the Westminster Confession of Faith in Chin language. Chin is one of the many dialects of Myanmar spoken by Chin people. The Westminster Confession of Faith in the form adopted by the Bible- Presbyterian Churches has been translated into Chin by Rev Biak, and the translation has been checked by the editorial board. The work is in progress as to its cover design and layout. In this regard, we thank God that there is a brother from Bethel BPC, who is willing to render help. On a regular basis, by God’s grace, Myanmar RPG (once every   three   months), “Christian Beacon” a periodical in Chin language (once every four months), and the bulletins of First and Bethel BPC will be printed too. As for future publications, the editorial board is committed to writing and translating good and reliable Christian materials. Thus, the publications will include those books, pamphlets, tracts and materials which are deemed good and faithful by the editorial board. A priority will be given to those books and materials in our BP tradition, as far as we can obtain permission for translation. The translation will be, God willing, into Chin as well as Burmese, which is the official language of the country.

Editorial Board.An editorial board has been formed to oversee the entire work. As such, the board is responsible for writing and selecting the materials for translation, as well as checking, proof- reading, and supervising the publication process and distribution. No writing or translation will be published unless it first goes through the board’s editorial scrutiny and approval. The editorial board consists of 6 persons, all from First and Bethel (Dagon) BPCs: Editor – Rev Biak Lawm Thang; assistant editor – Pr Lal Lian Uk; publishing and circulation managers – bros Tai Sut Thang and Tial Hre Mang; board members – bros Van Bawi Hu and Van Thawng Hup.

Distribution. The distribution of materials printed will be under the oversight of the board. Particularly in charge will be the publishing and circulation managers. If, by God’s grace, the planned publications become a reality, they will be freely distributed not only within the church but also outside the church, as wide as possible, not only in Myanmar but also overseas. Free-will offerings and love gifts from readers, however, will be welcomed in order to meet the cost of printing and distribution as well as for the upkeep, at least partially, of the ministry.

Special Thanks. On behalf of the churches here, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Pastor, Session, and members of BPCWA for your prayer and financial support for this literature ministry. Please continue to pray that the Lord will help us to be faithful and effective witness in this area of ministry, proclaiming His saving truths to near and far, for the glorious salvation of souls and the building up of the body of believers. “For the Word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ, and in defence of the faith”(Rev 1:9; Jude 3).