Dear BPCWAians, Rededication Sunday is in 2 weeks’ time. We have this every year, but do you understand what is it all about? Why do we do so? What is your part in this? It is important for us to understand it and therefore have the right response to it.

What is Rededication Sunday about? It is a time when those who are serving in any area in church rededicate themselves by renewing their commitment to serve the Lord. It is also a time for those who have not been serving in any area to ask themselves why they have not been doing so. This year, we are giving out the Rededication forms 2 weeks in advance. Those who are currently serving will fill up the vow on page 1 of the form. This is a conscious reconsecration of yourselves as to (1) how you will live in your personal walk, and (2) how you will serve the Lord. But what if you are not involved in any areas of service in church? Then, page 2 is for you. We give it out early, so that you can start thinking about starting to serve in church. Perhaps you are not sure what a particular ministry entails, or what you can do there, or if you are suitable. Page 2 allows you to find out more about particular areas you are considering. In this respect, page 2 is also for those who are currently serving and wish to find out more about other additional areas. Even if there is no need for help in a particular area of service now, the need may arise at a later point of time. Another thing that you could do in considering an area of service or ministry, is to talk to the respective fellowship or ministry leads. There is a list of their contacts on the notice board outside.

What is its purpose? Having spent time in prayer and re-evaluation before filling the form, you promise the Lord to serve Him with greater carefulness and devotion, by His help. This is your promise to God. The purpose of having this yearly is because we may easily have slackened, taken things for granted, and eventually served out of forced routine. This is not acceptable service to our Lord. Rededication Sunday seeks to re-awaken us. It causes each of us to re-examine our motives and our diligence. It is also a timely reminder that we must be clean vessels fit for our Master’s use (2 Tim 2:21). Ultimately, it helps us to realise that in whatever area we serve, all service to God is spiritual service, and we cannot look upon it lightly.

Why do you take a vow? It is a time of serious renewal of our dedication both in our personal walk and our service. That is why those who are serving stand up to take a vow. It is to tell the Lord that you want to be faithful in your personal walk with Him, and in your service to Him. The vow of consecration and service is but your reasonable service (Rom 12:1-11). You promise the Lord to consecrate yourself to serve Him (v1), to live a sanctified life instead of a worldly life (v2), to serve with humility and unity with others (vv3-7), to serve cheerfully and not grudgingly (v8), to serve in love for others, and not in competition (vv9,10), and not to be lazy by doing the minimum, but to serve with fervency – doing it all unto the Lord Himself. No one is forced to make vows to the Lord. Neither do we make anyone take sinful or rash vows. But if you choose to take up the privilege of serving in any capacity in any ministry, the Lord requires nothing less than what He states in Rom 12:1-11. Any less denigrates service to the Holy and Glorious God. So, in fact, the time you stand is a moving moment of taking on the badge of consecration to serve Him in holy fear and reverence, by His grace. For those who have realised that they are not serving and wish to make a fresh commitment to begin, you may fill the form and stand to make your vow to the Lord too. But let those who vow be not slack in fulfilling it (Ex 20:7).

What should you do? For you who have been serving, it is a serious time of reconsecration to serve Him with clean hands and a pure heart (Ps 24:4). Are we living “double lives” and indulging in sin which we know is displeasing to the Lord? Do you serve the Lord with zeal in church but are negligent in your personal duties outside of church? Are you slothful and careless in the Lord’s work? It is time to repent as you recommit yourself. For you who have been slumbering, it is time to awaken and prayerfully consider your walk and service with the Lord. It does not need to be in grand, prominent, and major roles. The list ranges from the many small tasks that need to be done around church, to acts of mercy, to teaching ministries (vv7,8). So, do not be discouraged if you cannot do what you aspire to do (vv4-9), but instead be glad to do anything put in your hands by the Lord – whether big or small. On the other hand, also do not be too quick to turn down serving the Lord if you are approached.

Have we been true to the trust He left us? Do we seek to do our best?

If in our hearts there is naught condemns us, We shall have a glorious rest.

Yours in our Lord’s service,