Month: April 2017

Dear BPCWAians, Last week, we looked at one of God’s purposes for establishing BPWA as His local and visible witness – for the salvation of souls. BPCWAians, let us not lose sight of what we as a church must do for salvation of souls. Reaching out does not merely involve the “going out”. When non Christians come in our midst, let us actively tell them

Dear BPCWAians, Last week, BPCWA commemorated our 31st Anniversary. We gave thanks for God’s preservation and His goodness upon us. A wonderful hymn, “I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord”, stirs our heart to love and serve His Church on earth, I love thy kingdom, Lord, the house of thine abode, the church our blest Redeemer saved with his own precious blood. I love thy church, O

Dear BPCWAians, This morning, many of us began our Easter celebrations by attending Sunrise Service at Melville Amphitheatre. I remember my first Sunrise Service in Perth. That early morning was cold. After some time into the Service, the air warmed up a little, and soon we could see the first rays of sun shining through the trees. It was a memorable experience, and ever since

Dear BPCWAians, It is one week before Easter, and the start of what is often called the Passion Week. It is a week of stark contrasts. Within this week, there would be the darkest day the world has ever known – the day God, our Saviour, was mocked and crucified on the cross… by those He came to save, and for those He came to

Dear BPCWAians, With the variety of fellowship groups and Bible Studies in the church, there is at least one whereby every worshipper in church can participate in. We have fellowship groups for everyone, from Teens to Working Adults to Seniors, Chinese and English speaking, Men and Ladies. Why do we take the trouble to organise such groups? What is the purpose for fellowship groups in