Dear BPCWAians, this week we will summarize what we learnt from our Family Camp’s morning devotions. I pray that it will be a useful reminder and also an edifying learning for those who missed these devotions about the 7 sins that God hates in Prov 6:16-19.

How would you feel if someone walks up to you and calls you wicked, perverted, digusting and worthless person who should die? You may respond with indignation that you have not robbed, murdered, raped, and molested anyone, so how dare he call you these terms! But in Prov 6:12 and 16, God uses these terms on those who exhibit the seven sins listed. He calls such a person in “naughty” which is “belial” in Hebrew. We read about “sons of belial” which means someone who is worthless and fit for destruction. “Froward” means crooked and perverted. “Abomination” (v16) is disgusting and often used on idol worshipers. So before we get upset at being called such terms, we should check if we exhibit these 7 sins which make us behave as abominable unbelievers.

1. Proud look. This is the first sin in the universe, committed by Satan in Isaiah 14:13-14 when he thought so highly of himself and repeated said “I will”. It is about our ego. The sense of superiority is devilish! Pride is related to “look” here. It is how we view others and ourselves. For example, looking down on others and thinking and behaving we are superior to them. Do you compare and compete to be seen as better than others? Do you look down and denigrate those who less capable, or look down on people who are less intelligent, or belittle others? Do you compare what job you have, what grades you have, what you drive, where you stay, or what you possess and deride others? Pride swells in us all day, if we are honest to admit. God says we are abominable, disgusting, perverted, and worthless which is the very opposite of what we think of ourselves in pride. Do not think such descriptions are for drunkards and murderers only. This must be an awakening reminder! Whenever pride rears its head, let us quickly shake it off, confess, and repent immediately. The solution? Evaluate ourselves from how God looks at us and be humble.

2. A lying tongue. Lying breaks the 9th commandment. It is a morally perverted thing. Like pride, lying is a common daily temptation for the believer. Unbelievers do not care. Many wonder what so big a deal, “everybody lies”. The world classify lies as “white lies” and even “grey lies”. Sadly even Christian writers today justify such lies. But Christ did not categories lies in John 8:44 but calls Satan father of lies. We act like children of Satan when we speak any kind of lies. White lies and grey lies are seen as those which help others, and are harmless, so they are fine. A lie is a falsehood. So white and grey lies like giving excuses, flattery to please others, partial truth, false representations, making promises we do not intend to keep, giving false impressions, and exaggerations which are falsehoods are lies in God’s eye. Those of us who have not kept our marriage vows are liars. Never take up church leadership and offices if we do not believe in the church’s beliefs. God classifies all lies as morally abominable and gives commandment number 9. We often lie because we fear man and fear consequences. Beware how we reply our parents, spouses, teachers, and bosses. Beware how we fill application and tax forms. We lie and cover up to protect our face (pride!) and our job or to get gain for self for example. Have faith that God can deliver, just tell the truth always. Remember, a lie will lead and progress to another bigger and bolder lie. Fear, faithlessly, and pride are the reasons why we lie. God will deal with lying by exposing it one day and serious calamity will suddenly overtake us (v15) like in Ananias and Sapphira case. Fear God, do not fear man and consequences, and be concerned about God’s view of us than man’s impression of us.

3. Hands that shed innocent blood, 4. an heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, 5. feet that be swift in running to mischief. God implemented capital punishment for those who commit murder. This how serious this sin of shedding innocent blood with premeditation. God puts Government in place (Rom 13:4) to rule and to judge, and to punish with the sword for execute capital punishment. Abortion and In Virto Fertilization (IVF) are examples of killing innocent lives today. Even Christians do it. We must be clear that the moment an embryo (substance) is formed, life is formed already (Ps139:16). Never entertain the thought or ever give advice to promote abortion or IVF for it is murder! Matt 5:21-22 defines what murder is. Another form of this abomination is hating someone and even calling names with hateful thoughts. It is character assassination when we backstab someone too. Hatred and saying things to harm someone is the outcome of someone who has a cruel heart. That is why this is an abominable sin. Again, like pride and lying, we have to admit we often have unrighteous anger and hatred for our siblings, brethren in church, and colleagues. Deviseth wicked imaginations is forming thoughts, like we toss and turn or sitting in bed angry and plotting how to get even, sabotage, get someone trouble, or harm someone. It starts slowly in the heart and will grow. Violent computer games are designed to constantly fuel this sin that keeps going on in minds or heart. It allows this sin to be played out in full in the heart. This is happening daily in many young Christians. Feet that be swift in running to mischief speaks of a person who cannot wait to go commit sinful things in secret and even public. You cannot wait for worship or fellowship to be over so you can run to watch your movies and serials that promote adultery, fornication, covetousness, hatred, and violence. Or you cannot wait to be free from parents or church authority to run with your sinful friends and ways.

6. A false witness that speaketh lies, and 7. he that soweth discord amongbrethren. Lying tongue tells lies, a false witness tells lies about people or situations. What are the outcome of this? We inevitably be used of Satan to sow discord in the family, in church, and between brethren. This is about giving untruthful accounts. Speaketh lies is like breathing out falsehood. Be careful when we breathe out words when we give accounts. Farmers sow by spreading seeds with intention for reaping what they hope would grow from the ground. We must watch our intentions when we speak. We must be careful when we find people to speak about someone. Are we finding hearts to sow evil thoughts about your parent, sibling, brethren, colleague, or church? The danger is we tell half truths and embellish to make other person look bad and us look so righteous. Very soon there will be misunderstandings, explosions, and discord in the family, church, and workplace. Discord means resulting in pain and shattered relationship, homes, and church. That is why God hates this sin. We used to be like that before salvation, but after salvation, we must stop it. Some reasons why we do this is to make ourselves look good and make others disliked and look bad. We want others to like us. We are jealous when others are liked more than us. We seek to sow discord and draw others to ourselves or simply break up their friendships. Parents can be jealous of children’s closeness to the other spouse. Ultimately it is pride. These seven sins begin with pride. It is what drives us to commit many abominable and disgusting sins. What keeps me as Pastor awake at night at times is the danger that the church begins to have such discord sown among brethren. When people buy things or cook for others, or do things for others, and we get petty and jealous and begin to sow discord with false accusations. Let us be clear about this sin – we are doing Satan’s work in Rev 12:10 when we bear false witness by painting certain picture of others. Day and night, he wants to accuse the brethren. It is abominable, hence do not act like that. Always ask ourselves before we breathe out any word – am I a false witness, giving partial truths, embellishing, jumping to conclusions, and having evil intentions. The best solution to affirm know that I am not a false witness who sow discord? Pray and speak to the person first instead of going to another person. My desire is that we will love BPCWA as our family and never sow discord and allow anyone to do so.

The hope is that we leave the camp realising that these seven sins are not minor. The danger is that because everyone is doing it and it is so common, we brush them off. God views these sins as morally perverted, disgusting, and sickening to His soul. Let us take heed of these seven sins and walk carefully as His child before Him daily.

Yours in our Lord’s service