Month: August 2017

The Importance of Session Elections

Dear BPCWAians, Last week, we learned about the importance of a church. I hope that this will help us to re-examine ourselves and our relationship with the church. God intends a sound church to be a vital part of a Christian’s life. We should learn God’s Word in church. We should build bonds with His people in church. We should care for one another in

Is a church important?

Dear BPCWAians, Over the last 2 weeks, we have been writing about praying for churches. We are all familiar with the word “church”, but what does it really mean to us personally and our family? As long as we are saved, is it important to be in a church today, a part of a visible congregation of worshippers? Many of us know about the stories

Praying for BPCWA

Dear BPCWAians, Last week, we looked at the biblical principle of praying for other churches. As we serve God in this part of Australia, we must continue to be concerned about the faithfulness of God’s work being upheld in other parts of Australia and the world. Though they are not in Perth, we must also be labouring in prayer for them too, that they will

Dear BPCWAians, Each time I am in Singapore among the other churches, it never ceases to amaze me how many people whom I hardly know would come up to Sharon and I to greet us by name. And they seem to know so much about BPCWA as I converse with them. But what is most heart warming is how they speak with genuine care for