Month: March 2018

Betrayal of Christ

Dear BPCWAians, Over the past week, announcements and flyers have been publicising invitations to worshippers and friends to come to our Good Friday and Easter Services. This is a significant event in the Christian calendar, marking the completion of Christ’s work for us. However, let us not approach this season in the same spirit of the world where it is about Easter eggs and mere

Building Christian Habits

Dear BPCWAians, As God reminds us, what we sow, we will reap. Reaping a stronger spiritual walk begins with sowing and investing time in spiritual things. What are some things that should become a regular part of a Christian’s life? Attending Worship. Christ did not need to increase His knowledge about God and was perfect in holiness, but He always made it His routine to

Old Habits Die Hard

Dear BPCWAians, Some like to dip their biscuit into their hot cup of tea or coffee before eating it. Some have to shower first thing in the morning, while others will shower at the end of the day, and some both times. As a saying goes, man is often a creature of habit. What we do regularly and for a long enough period of time

Strangers, Hospitality and you

Dear BPCWAians, Last week, we looked at the topic of our Christian duty in hospitality. It is important to answer the question now – So what can I do? What is hospitality? Hospitality is one area of service where everyone can play a part, though in different areas. Some may have especially the gift of hospitality, and the Bible mentions exhortation (or consoling), giving, and