Month: July 2018

The Need for a Church Extension and our Approach

Dear BPCWAians, I thought it would be useful to recapture some salient points of our church extension project in the Pastoral letter to emphasis some of the key focus and actions moving forward. While the plans are still high level at this stage, it is important for everyone to know the progress, the needs, and the potential challenges so that you can pray for and

Recapturing Family Camp Morning Devotions

Dear BPCWAians, This week we will revisit some highlights from the Camp Morning Devotions taken from Psalm 19:12-14 written by David: (12) Who can understand his errors? cleanse thou me from secret faults. (13) Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me: then shall I be upright, and I shall be innocent from the great transgression. (14) Let

Recapturing Family Camp Theme Messages

Dear BPCWAians, Family camps come and go yearly. But the lessons learnt should remain. Hence it is good that we revisit some key highlights from the theme messages and morning devotions. I hope these thematic summaries will help to reinforce the lessons and also help those who could not attend. The 8 camp theme messages for “The Christian Requirement” were based upon Deuteronomy chapters 1

Why have a Family Camp?

Dear BPCWAians, We thank God that we have just concluded our 2018 Family Camp this year. Over the last several months, many meetings have been held to plan for the church family. Many hours of intensive planning and energy has gone into the preparation from many in church. To some Christians, family camp is a “Nice to have, it is something for dedicated Christians to

What is the Bible to you, really?

Dear BPCWAians, We’ve seen the importance of proper learning during messages, and why it is important to obey and do, on the basis of what the Bible says. Last week, the choir also presented the hymn I chose earlier on, “The Bible Stands”. That is a grand hymn that certainly must reflect our view of the Bible. How do you view the Bible? Is it