Month: September 2018

Lead me in the way everlasting

Dear BPCWAians, Do you ever wonder where to start if you truly wanted to be walking constantly in the way of God all the days of your life on earth and not fail Him? Do you wish to constantly progress in your sanctification? Do you fear that as you go on in life and age, instead of growing spiritually in ways that please God more

Prayer reflects your love for BPCWA and each other

Dear BPCWAians, Last week we saw that God views prayer so highly that He calls His Church the house of prayer both in the Old (Is 56:7) and the New Testaments (Matt 21:13). I also gave a list of things you can pray for BPCWA. What else should we pray for His church here? How should we pray for His blood bought bride? Pray for

The Church Is the House of Prayer

Dear BPCWAians, We learnt about the need for prayer last week. It brings protection and gives power for this spiritual but real battle on earth. God taught this clear object lesson to the children of Israel in their very first battle with their enemies. How does God view prayer in His church? What should we pray for His church here? How should we pray for

Do You Pray For BPCWA?

Dear BPCWAians, Each time we think of how God has protected and kept BPCWA thus far over 32 years, it must always amaze us and fill us with thankfulness. Moreover, it should drive us to pray earnestly that God will continue to do so. Over these few weeks, we shall look at why we need to pray for BPCWA, what we should pray for BPCWA,

Constitution Amendments

Dear BPCWAians, The Annual Congregational Meeting (ACM) is an important event in the church calendar, and members should mark this in their calendars and attend the meeting. Today, members will collect the Annual Congregational Report and the Agenda for our ACM which will be held later this month on the 16th. The respective fellowship and ministry reports are provided to give all members an update