Month: October 2018

Arguments against infant baptism

Dear BPCWAians, I hope that after last week’s pastoral, you are able to explain the Biblical reasons for infant baptism. We baptise infants because it is the sign of the covenant which believing parents are in with God, because it is covenant keeping with our covenantal God, and because it is the receiving of the covenantal promise from God. My initial intention for this week

Why have infant baptism?

Dear BPCWAians, If someone were to ask you why we practice infant baptism, would you be able to answer, besides just saying because “we are Presbyterians, and so do Anglicans and Methodists”? Why do some not believe in infant baptism? And do children become members of BPCWA after infant baptism here? (1) Because of the sign of the Covenant which believing parents are in with

Why do I become a member when I get baptized?

Dear BPCWAians, Today we witnessed believer’s baptisms, infant baptisms, affirmation of faith, and transfer of memberships. As members of BPCWA, you also arise at such events to receive them into membership of BPCWA. Have you ever wondered why baptisms and affirmation of faith leads automatically to membership in a church? Why do people transfer memberships? Do infants also become members upon baptism? And why do

Lead me in the way everlasting

Dear BPCWAians, We saw last week in Psalm 139, that when David desired to be led in God’s way he first acknowledged that God knew him through and through. So, the first lesson is that we cannot pretend before God else we cannot be led by God.   The place to start for growth in Christ is to realise that God knows fully what we