Month: January 2019

Godly Friendships – A Lesson for Everyone

Dear BPCWAians, In December 2018, we conducted a Holiday Bible Program which was on the theme “Godly Friendships”. Over 3 days, we taught the lessons on the “Purpose of friendships”, the “Basis of godly friendships”, and also warned about the “Danger of ungodly friendships”. These topics are certainly relevant not just to the students but to all adults too. Hence I felt it is crucial

A look back at 2018 Holiday Bible Program

Dear BPCWAians, Many of you will recall the various announcements for the 2018 Holiday Bible Program, and the requests for prayer support for this program. Since many may not have had children that attended the program, or even if you had, you may not really be clear why we have this program, and what do we do during the few days that the program was

Why do we plan the yearly church calendar?

Dear BPCWAians, Thank God for seeing us through yet another year of activities in BPCWA in 2018! You would have picked up the BPCWA 2019 bookmark calendar by now. Why do we produce this every year for you? Why do we plan for so many activities and meetings in church? There are good Biblical reasons for the calendar of activities. I hope that all worshippers

Strength and Courage for 2019

Dear BPCWAians, Today is our first worship for the new year. For many of us as we look back on 2018, we often say to one another “how time has flown by”. Will it be such for us in 2019 in a peaceful way or will it be fraught with trials? Some in our midst are going through or have gone through major changes, some