Importance of Recommitments

Dear BPCWAians, Last Lord’s Day, those who are serving in any capacity were requested to stand together and renew our vows before God regarding our service to Him. While this is something that we have been doing for many years now, I feel that it is important to highlight two key areas that especially require recommitment at BPCWA.

Commitment forms for key roles. The Word and the music ministries are key foundations of the church. It will affect the very ethos of the church, and eventually its soundness in both theology and practice. This is why Satan will always seek to attack these 2 areas. Therefore, anyone who serves in these 2 areas must be very consistent in their convictions, and it is important that these convictions are aligned with the church’s. As such, we are introducing commitment forms for these 2 roles as well: 1) Those who teach in the Word. This includes all Sunday School teachers, those who teach or facilitate at Bible Studies and Fellowships, and those who speak at the Nursing Home outreaches. 2) Musicians for the congregation. This affects all pianists who play at any church events such as Worship Services, Prayer Meetings, fellowships, any church services, and Nursing Homes. These documents are not designed to be legalistic but are for the protection of the church and its long-term existence as a testimony on earth for Christ. If any of these 2 areas are affected, then BPCWA’s steadfastness will be at stake. We want to be faithful and useful to our Lord until He returns to raptures His church. The contents of each of these areas are specifically designed to cause those serving in these 2 areas to be honest and to affirm that they will willingly abide, support and promote, and will not do that which is contrary to what is sound teaching and sound music. Anyone who in heart and conviction does not agree with the church should never serve in these 2 areas because they would be serving outside of their conscience, and they will eventually be used of Satan to attack the church through subtle means from within. This commitment form must be done annually, because it is important to ensure that these continue to be the convictions of those serving in these roles, and will continue to be their commitments, as long as they are teachers or pianists.

Teacher and Facilitator Commitment Form. As would naturally be expected of these roles, the key commitment we would require of them would be that they hold to the same Confessions as that which we believe and uphold. If our doctrines are not inherently part of their personal beliefs, teachers cannot teach about our faith in a manner that will build conviction in those that they are teaching. This would affect the foundation of the children that they may be teaching in Sunday school for example. So, all who handle the Word in BPCWA will be required to declare their personal convictions about the Reformed Faith, Infant Baptism, Pre-millennialism, Verbal Plenary Preservation, Biblical Separation and Total Abstinence. In addition, they will annually re-affirm their commitment to the same vows which all new members take – for example, that of submission and support to our church. We are thankful that many children are now coming regularly for our church Prayer meetings. As such teachers of these ones then must model the way by also committing to be regular at worship services and prayer meetings.

Pianist Commitment Form. Music is an important part of our church’s worship of God. Many churches have slipped on this, and ended up with the introduction of Contemporary Christian Music through the musicians in the music ministry. So, recently, when we added several new Worship, Prayer Meeting and Fellowship pianists, we began to formalize in writing what used to previously be verbal discussions that I would have with new pianists. All church musicians are required to commit on not listening to or playing Contemporary Christian music in their personal lives. They are also to commit to maintaining a simple congregational style of playing, as opposed to one that is embellished, syncopated, unnecessarily rhythmic or which has jazz or worldly influences if they wish to remain as pianists in the church. Church music rarely goes wrong overnight. It is typically through pianists introducing styles of playing which eventually gets the church to the next level of worldly styles.

Why do I need to know about this? It is to help the entire church understand the importance of these areas, why we seek commitment afresh from those who serve, and how we assess people to serve in these areas. And those who serve must themselves be convicted in and have personal convictions so that no one will doubt. I am thankful for the stability and unity that God has given to us thus far, and it is at such times of peace that we must build up our defenses. And this stability is always at risk unless BPCWA is very careful. There are times when, due to urgent situations of need, exceptions may be called for as a last resort but these temporary situations will still be managed with great care and clarity.

Deviations introduced from within by one among us are the most dangerous and damaging. I hope that with these measures that we must take as part of our human responsibility, it will help to protect the church from being weakened.

Yours in our Lord’s service