Month: June 2019

Recognising false repentance

Dear BPCWAians, We saw last week that repentance is a total change in how you view a sin. And because of this sense of the heinousness of it, there is a natural desire to avoid it and be rid of it. We also saw that with genuine repentance, there is remorse and a sense of guilt under the conviction of sin from God’s Word. This

Confession and its outcomes

Dear BPCWAians, I hope that after last week’s pastoral letter, each of us have come to understand that genuine confession is a sincere admission that we are guilty of having committed something sinful based on God’s Word.  Why  is genuine confession so important in a believer’s life? Have your confessions been genuine? What are the outcomes of genuine confession? Pro 28:13-14 “He that covereth his

What is true confession of sins?

Dear BPCWAians, You are saved at the point when you genuinely confessed to God that you are a sinner and asked God for forgiveness of your sins. You are saved as you turn to God with a repentant heart, confess that Jesus is the only Way, the Truth, and the Life, believe that His finished work on the cross is what saves you, and not

Responding in the Spiritual Warfare

Dear BPCWAians, We began discussing last week about how to recognise spiritual warfare, because it is a warfare that is not with flesh and blood and cannot be seen. Due to this fact, we often enter into the battleground without even knowing that we are in a battle. And we end up judging the result or how well we “fought” the fight based on what