Month: April 2020

Our 2020 Online Family Camp (5-8 July)

Dear BPCWAians, We announced last week that we will be having an online camp this year, and that we encourage worshippers to continue to keep these dates free to join us for  the camp. In today’s pastoral, I would like to emphasize why we are still having a family camp, give worshippers an update of what this year’s camp will be like, God willing, what

Recent Critical Church Communication

Dear BPCWAians, A fortnight ago, we conducted an online church communication. It covered some very important changes that will be happening. The communication was to update worshippers of the church extension, and of English and Chinese Worship Services. I later realised that some did not tune in due to various reasons. And some who did watch were not very clear about what was communicated. Hence,

How will you spend this Easter?

Dear BPCWAians, This is an Easter perhaps like no other that we have seen. In typical years, many of us would have started the day early at Easter Sunrise Service, gone back to church for breakfast before going for the Easter Worship Service and celebrating our church anniversary together. So, how will you spend this Easter? By the time you read this Pastoral, it would

Devotions for the Passion Week

Dear BPCWAians, Over the past few weeks,  the  media  had  our  eyes  and attention largely directed towards the global COVID-19 crisis. Understandably, we too have had to expand resources in responding to the restrictions as they are announced. Thankfully, we have had no significant announcement over the past week that has required us to react to, though improvements in the livestreaming and audio-visual processes continue.