Month: September 2020

A reminder to start at “our Jerusalem”

Dear BPCWAians, Thank God for seeing us through another year, and through last week’s ACM. We serve a Sovereign Lord, and we thank God for His ever-present protecting Hand over His church. For the benefit of all worshippers, I want to recap and make additional reminders about the exhortation I made at the start of our ACM. Act 1:8-11 “But ye shall receive power, after

A time to thank God (Part 2)

Dear BPCWAians, Today, we will be having our Triennial election and Annual Congregational Meeting. It is a time to give glory and thanks to God for His mercy upon BPCWA and also to recommit our obedience to Him as a church family. In other years, we have probably taken much of this for granted, assuming that it’ll happen next year just as it has happened

A time to thank God

Dear BPCWAians, Next week, we will be having our Annual Congregational Meeting. It is, in a sense, a family get-together to review and update everyone on what’s been happening in the church. Last week, we distributed the reports to members in our church. I hope that every member who has received these reports will take the time to read through the reports, as they are

General criteria to consider for someone to be in Session

Dear BPCWAians, Last week, we looked at some pitfalls of why churches may get the wrong people into Session. On the flip side, we want to positively look at what we consider whether someone is suitable for Session. While we must be extremely cautious about who to put up, we also must not lose sight of the fact that God did intend for a church