Month: December 2020

Revisiting our 2020 church theme

Dear BPCWAians,  Another year has slipped by, the year is almost done, and this Thursday, we will be holding our Watchnight Service to mark the end of the year as we look forward to 2021.  Even for those above 80 years old, this has probably been a year unlike any other that they might’ve lived through or seen because of a global pandemic.  I will

Was Christ born on 25 December?

Dear BPCWAians, God willing, we will be able to celebrate Christmas at church this year on what is known as Christmas Day, on 25 December. Even today, there is often much discussion about why Christians should or should not celebrate Christmas. Many contend that Christ was not born on 25 December. How did 25 December come about and was Christ born on 25 December?  If He

A Different Year End

Dear BPCWAians, How the year has slipped by!  As you read this pastoral, there are only 3 more Sundays to 2020 before the year is over.  Certainly, it has been a very different and a very challenging year for many, if not all.  But we must be very thankful to God especially for how He has led us and directed the matters in Western Australia. 

Church Communication and Update

Dear BPWAians, Today, I will give the final summary of the other matter which we communicated after our worship services on 22 November. This was regarding a query raised about the mission fund that used to be printed on our church bulletins in the past. Church mission fund query. There was a query concerning a reported vow that the church made to permanently set aside