Month: July 2021

2021 Family Camp’s Morning Devotion – To Enjoy God Forever

Dear BPCWA worshipper, We continue this week with the final message on enjoying God. I hope that as we read through this, it will help us to reconsider our relationship with God. We may sing “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”, but is the relationship and communion with Him something that we truly desire deep in our hearts? Are we ready to forgo communion

2021 Family Camp’s Morning Devotion – To Enjoy God Forever

Dear BPCWA worshipper, As usual, I would like to summarize the family camp messages to recapture the key points for the important purpose of solidifying the lessons we need to learn. This also serves as a useful summary for those who could not attend the camp. I will start with the summary of our morning devotion messages “To Enjoy God Forever”, followed by the thematic

Work while it is day

Dear BPCWA worshipper, In last week’s pastoral, we saw how things can change unexpectedly. When these changes happen, life can be so different from what we expect or have been used to. Things that we thought “would always be there” may not be there anymore. Opportunities that we thought we could “get to one day” can vanish abruptly. Even the government cannot predict in advance

Night may come unexpectedly

Dear BPCWA worshipper, What an eventful week it has been as we witnessed the snap announcements of COVID-19 restrictions, an eventual 4-day lockdown, and even now the post-lockdown restrictions which we are currently in. Nothing happens by chance and God allows all things for our good, and we should view life through a spiritual lens. If so, what are the lessons that we should learn