Month: April 2021

Lessons from our 35 years of church history – Part 2

Dear BPCWA worshipper, In last week’s pastoral, I explained how church membership can affect the faith and unity of the church.  Peace in a church is something that we must treasure.  But membership is not the only thing that can affect how the church will be effective in furthering God’s work.  Lessons about the church session and elections.  It is easy to put someone into

Lessons from our 35 years of church history

Dear BPCWA worshipper, We thank God for His merciful keeping of BPCWA for the past 35 years.  Last month, we traced our church history at our 4-part Church Study Series.  We thank God for His providential provision of much available documentation that allowed us to confidently review our history knowing that it was from documented facts.  The provision and review of such documentation is yet

Our 35th Anniversary Exhortation

Dear BPCWA worshipper, Last Sunday we celebrated our church’s 35th Anniversary with a dinner together.  I want to take the opportunity to expand upon and revisit some points about the exhortation from 1 Timothy 3:15 which I gave that night.  This is so that those present will be reminded, and that the whole church will also know what BPCWA should be as a church, be

Thanksgiving this Easter

Dear BPCWA worshipper, Celebrating Easter was something that we always took for granted, until the COVID-19 lockdown last year when all our services were conducted online and the church was empty on Easter Sunday.  Even our traditional Anniversary dinner had to be cancelled and we held a thanksgiving Anniversary service that night in lieu.  God works all things for good in His Sovereign plan, and