Month: May 2017

Dear BPCWAians, What is the role of missions in a church? Some are of the view that missions work is indispensible to every church. Others may be inwardly looking only and not bother with missions work. How should a church view missions? It is necessary to understand some principles concerning the church and its missions work. Missions must fulfil the Great Commission to teach. The

Dear BPCWAians, Last week, we looked at the church’s role to promote godly worship. In order to promote godly worship, our public corporate worship on Sundays must be biblical. This is a primary role that God requires for His church because of John 4:23. We cannot undermine the importance of this role of God’s church. Simply because it is a church and it is called

Dear BPCWAians, Continuing from the last 3 weeks, we will look yet at another fundamental purpose for the local church. (4) The Promotion of Godly Worship. These days, people often decide to attend or stay on in a church based upon the church’s worship style. Some leave because they’re “not used” to our worship style, being used to another back in their home countries. To

Dear BPCWAians, Over the last 2 weeks, we looked at God’s purposes for a church. Why has He established BPCWA here? We saw that amongst the reasons that He has done so was for the salvation of souls, and for the edification of His children. Today, we will look at a 3rd reason for establishing BPCWA as God’s visible witness locally here. (3) The defence